Personalized Digital

For the woman ready to receive individualized comprehensive run & strength support to see lasting change

Digital Coaching

For the woman ready to receive individualized comprehensive run & strength support to see lasting change

A hand crafted plan made just for you to keep you accountable every step of the way

✔️ 1:1 bi-weekly video coaching calls

✔️ Made-for-you run routes with phone/watch turn by turn navigation in your neighbourhood

✔️ Hand picked runners strength exercises for you with videos & descriptions 

✔️ Mobility, stretch & recovery routines made for your imbalances found in our assessment

✔️ Digital Run Analysis included, to guide run warm ups and drill focuses to improve stride efficiency

✔️ 45 min Baseline Movement Assessment with video recording & analysis report

✔️ Social Wall connection. An in app communication with your piers, likeminded ACCEL running women!

Start today with flexible payment options!

Your personalized coaching includes:

We've coached women to:

  • Crush sub 50min 10k races!
  • Run stronger through pregnancy right up to their due date
  • Beat old personal bests in their 50’s
  • Who were non runners start, enjoy & maintain a lifestyle of running
  • Return from breast cancer, achillies tears & plantar faciosis & start back into running feeling empowered
  • From knee pain walking downstairs to race half day trail races pain free months later
  • Stay injury free running 120 mile trail races over 40!

Assessment & Analysis

Your program tailored to your body & fits your


Run Programming

Starting at your current level & progressing methodically with your end goal in mind. 

Run Strength & Stretch

Programming tailored to your body

Coaching Support!

Coach Holly in your back pocket!

We empower women like you who:

❌ Feel like you can’t make that next goal alone
❌ Aren’t sure if you're doing it at all “right”
❌ Feel like you can never progress past the same challenges physically & mentall
❌ Haven't been able to balance your training volume & see improvement.

✅ We get it, it's hard to train & balance our work and personal lives! 
✅ It can be overwhelming, let us simplify & apply it together!
✅ We've been here before & know how to avoid the common hurdles & break down your biggest barriers!
✅ We will make your perfect plan & help you understand WHY you are in a certain training phase & HOW it will cross over into your performance!

Pick the perfect plan for your budget & body!

Secure your coaching spot with us!

Your goal is achievable, we will give you direction, the right tools & accountability to reach it & maintain a healthy running lifestyle beyond our coaching together!


I just turned 50 & raced 10k with no pain finishing faster than in my mid 40’s at 65 minutes!


I’ve levelled up as a trail runner, I ran 50 miler & my first 100k this year..injury free thanks to our specific strength training!


I just ran my first 1/2 marathon and I never considered myself a long distance runner. I was a hurdle sprint athlete in high school, never thought I’d be cut out for long distance. You’ve helped me prove myself wrong.


My family say I look fitter than I did in my 20’s after seeing me a decade later on our trip to Mexico! Looking fit wasn’t my goal, but a nice additional win along with being injury free & running consistently! 

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